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Daniel, born 2/02, is a caring, generous and energetic Hispanic boy who enjoys putting together 1,000 piece puzzles, doing crossword puzzles, reading books and playing with Legos. He also enjoys playing basketball and football and hopes to someday become a professional football player. Daniel is self-motivated and intelligent.

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Aaliyah, born 5/99, is a sweet, sociable and fun-loving African American/Caucasian teen who enjoys listening to music, singing and spending time with friends. She also enjoys being active and experiencing new things and places, such as going on a trip to the museum. Aaliyah has high self-esteem and is fun to be around.
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Skyla, born 12/98, is a sweet, funny, responsible and loving Caucasian teen who enjoys spending time with others and singing, especially in the chorus at school. She also enjoys being active and painting her nails. Skyla is a joy to be around, has positive self-esteem and is proud of her accomplishments.
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Dorothy, born 9/98, is a very sweet, happy, easygoing, and neat Caucasian teen who likes to help others, loves animals and hopes to become a veterinarian someday. She is a nice, kind, friendly and outgoing girl who also likes to listen to music, draw, read, go shopping and get her nails done.
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Regginald, born 11/98, is a sweet and fun African American teen who enjoys cooking, singing, learning about history, collecting automobile magazines and traveling. This bright, verbal and humorous young man also enjoys going out to dinner, dancing, watching wrestling and building items, such as benches and bird houses.