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Andreyonna, born 12/99, and Janiya, born 1/02, are intelligent, respectful and pleasant African American sisters who like to read, play games and spend time with friends as well as with each other. Andreyonna is a funny, sweet, sensitive, happy-go-lucky and affectionate teen who also enjoys watching TV and having a good conversation.

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Jacob, born 9/00, is a friendly, happy and spiritual African American teen who enjoys playing video games and sports, especially basketball. At school, where his best subject is Language Arts, Jacob enjoys learning about math.

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4382ALucas AvailableMale13
Lucas, born 9/01, is a very positive, mature and polite Caucasian boy who enjoys playing sports, games and video games. He also enjoys funny jokes and playing with and collecting anything to do with superheroes. Lucas is a good student who hopes to become a police officer or social worker someday.

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Ike'Kerryah, “Kerra”, born 12/06, is a sweet and loving African American little girl who enjoys coloring and watching cartoons. She also enjoys spending time on the computer, playing outside and going out to eat. Kerra wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

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Alexis, “Lexi”, born 9/03, is a sweet, kind and happy Caucasian girl who loves to listen to music, sing, dance, watch TV and be silly. She also enjoys drawing with sidewalk chalk, dressing up, playing Wii games, learning Spanish and doing Karate. Lexi has a wonderful attitude and enjoys time alone as well as time spent with others.