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Joshua “Josh”, born 1/01, is an active and personable Caucasian teen who enjoys playing basketball, wrestling and running track. He also enjoys going places, talking about sports, playing video games and hearing a good joke. Josh gets along well with his peers at school, where he is a good student who excels in science.

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Alexis, “Lexi”, born 9/03, is a sweet, kind and happy Caucasian girl who loves to listen to music, sing, dance, watch TV and be silly. She also enjoys drawing with sidewalk chalk, dressing up, playing Wii games, learning Spanish and doing Karate. Lexi has a wonderful attitude and enjoys time alone as well as time spent with others.
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Amauri, an African American male with lots of personality born 8/04, will capture your heart with his karate demonstrations or make believe play as the latest action hero. Amauri is a smart boy who does well academically. He loves to read. He also enjoys puzzles, video games and soccer.

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Yannick, an African American female born 5/99, wants to be adopted by a family who will have ample time to provide her with nurturing attention and a stabilizing environment. Yannick is a creative youth who enjoys drawing, painting, arts and crafts as well as losing herself in a good book. She is a fan of Justin Bieber and the Twilight series.

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Fredrec “Fred”, born 6/01, is a smart, kind, good-hearted, athletic and capable African American teen who likes to have fun and be silly. He also likes to stay physically active and especially enjoys participating in outdoor activities, such as tossing a ball, running, rollerblading and playing football.